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Reading Chapter NAACP Gala Honors Community Groups

by David Mekeel

Sunday October 25, 2015 – Reading Eagle


Reading, PA - Our country is like a household, Dr. David E. Goatley told a crowd gathered in the presidential ballroom at The Abraham Lincoln hotel Saturday night.


And when there is injustice and unfairness in the household, things simply don't run very well.


Goatley, an NAACP National Board member, was the keynote speaker at Saturday's 28th Annual Freedom Fund Gala, an event held by the Reading Branch NAACP.


Speaking before the event, he said he would share a message of justice and fairness."


Our country is not a well-run household," he said, saying inequities abound with things such as education, employment, health and the criminal justice system. "All of these are places where there are disparities."


Goatley said people have two options when facing this problem: They can either surrender to it, or "struggle to bring fairness to the household."


The gala is the Reading NAACP's largest annual fundraiser. Branch President Stacey Taylor said it helps provide funding for annual scholarships the group provides to deserving students in the Reading School District.


She said the event is also a way to honor other groups doing good work in the community.


That is done through a series of four awards. This year's winners were:


Image Award - Lawrence Berringer, executive director, Berks Community Action Program.


Community Impact Award - Hope Rescue Mission.


Community Impact Corporate Award - The Reading Group, LLC.


Community Impact Youth Award - Penn State Berks, THON.


"We want to recognize the work and talent they put forth," Taylor said of the awards


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