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The Citizens Voice - 2015


Launched in July 2014, The Citizens Voice is a program on BCTV that discuess the relevant issues in society today and how the NAACP can assist in handling those issues.  Join us as we welcome special guests and local NAACP members to the program.  As of now we are not currently producing any addition episodes but hopefully in the future it will return.



Click on the photo below to view the episode.

Episode 1 - January 2015

Branch President Bill Thompson talks about affordable housing with Tim Daley, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity

Episode 2 February 2015

Bill Thompson and Mike Toledo talk about the "Blueprint for Leadership."

Episode 3 May 2015

Learn about the adverse educational outcomes factor with Dr. Joan Duvall-Flynn of the PA NAACP.  Guadalupe Kasper talks about education efforts at Penn State Berks. Lucretia Brown hosts.

Episode 4 June 2015

Lucretia Brown and Susan Spicka discussed Public School funding in Berks County.

Episode 5 August 2015

Reading Branch NAACP president Stacey Taylor and criminal justice committee chair James Young discuss the collateral consequences of incarceration with branch members Susan Beard and Linda McCormick.

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